2011年4月10日 星期日

Cheer Up Winni ! =)

Yea. This is my journal writting I write at school. One week write one time. I write so depressed in my journal and writting all my feeling without any hide my sad feel. The comment behind is my class teacher leave for me. The comment make me feel I must cheer up and must study more hard for my future ! =D

If you had planned well for your future, you will be a successful person. Do anything must think about your future, not just about now, because you still have a long way to face and pass ! Yes.As my teacher says, LIFE IS MEANINGLESS WITHOUT TRIALS ! =)

Trying to be tough whenver I know it is so hard...Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending ! Thanks God lets me figure out so many things. :D

2011年3月18日 星期五

Gathering with family and friends. :)

Hello people, did you realize I blog very often at holiday but now suddenly stop ? Yea ! Cause I'm free during holidays, by the time school had reopen. My blog will dead again like this ! LOL!

This day was Nian Chu Eight I think. I went eat dinner together with my relatives. I never "Lou Shang" at before in this year CNY! It make me feel like the time lou sheng !

Every chinese guys also eat lou sheng before izzit ? It usually consist of strip of raw fish with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among all the ingredients.

I don't like to eat lou sheng at all but I enjoying lou it so much ! Before eating lou sheng, everyone should wake up for mixed it together. "Gong Xi Fa Cai" smile sweetly and say it this out to your relatives. I say it out so loudly that time, enjoy the time with my family :)

Another day dating with my friends for visiting my teacher's house during CNY ! It was a funny day for us. We take a lots of pictures for our memories forever.

Aww ! School already reopen for a week, I feel so stress and think that I must be more hard for welcoming the SPM!

Congratulation those who get a flying colour result during SPM for the candicates 2010! You all effort had paid off !

Aiks. But school days really make me sleepy, tuition non-stop making me tired, doing homework continuously make me bored ! Sometimes I really hate when I suddenly remember that I haven't done my homework when I'm about to sleep :((

Exam paper had passed and I had done badly ! But just let it be and just accept it, I must do better next time ! I didn't slept well on this few day, my face is become more gaunt, it making me emo !

I look into the morror and I know it's me, but it does not seem like me, I feel like dying !I feel different, like a totally different person.And insomnia had attacked me every night, I can't sleep well at all ! Also, I'm tired of faking a smile to face people.

I crying non-stop when thinking of my history result, but now is better than before.Think clearly that I don't want to treat myself like this again.I know I can deserve it better.

If people wondering why I can sad and crying like this. just because you'll never ever understand the feeling like this, so disappointed.I don't know I can't keep thinking that time and make myself more sad. That time many things runnig through my mind again !

Everything will be alright soon ? Yea. I should take times.In advance.thanks for those conforting me when I'm sad and now I only realize a lots of people caring about me. Really making me so touching. =)

Hope everything will be alright in April ! :D

I spent a great valentine celebration at my relative's wedding party !It's long time ago but now I only update about that day.This can show how lazy I am.Forgive me ! I saw so many sweet couples spent their valentine day together. Where's mine?

But I think I will get my true love one day.Hope everyone is having a great time celebrating with your love one.I'm here wishing all the sweet couple can spend a great memorable moment with your love one during valentine day.In my own define. Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers, sometimes you just have to be friends.Any couple got their complicated situation, just appreciate the one you love...

Lastly, I still have my friends and family acoompany me passed this day, I like to spent time with them, I wanted them forever be my side ! Happy because I had all of you. Thanks for the caring, especially someone always beside me when I'm upset or what. :D

However, single lady and boy also don't be upset, like me also enjoy my single life very much ! I am sure your true love will come to you one day... :)

The same day I passed with my best friends for doing our CNY wall poster ! So happy get No2 in the school. It's call team work ! Clapped hands together. :DIn my secondary school life,that four year four month.Happened a lot of things.I knew a lots of things that make me feel unhappy.

Who is true friends, who is fake. I know it and please don't cry ! Just because everyone also have friends that no longer trust...Every single person on the planet has a story. Don't judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you !

Previously unimaged that it will happened, when it happened we also can't control and can't make it back to last time, becasuse the things already happened.I'm trying hard to accept many things now ! I tell myself want to be more stronger ! Every things will be alright, it just nedd times izzit ? Yea.I should take times...

In this few week, I don't know to describe my feeling right now, just I don't feel like talk don't feel like smile anymore. Choose to be silent not because I don't care but I really don't know what to do T___T

But, always true to your feeling because the more deny what you feel, the stronger it becomes.

A true friend is someone who accept your past, supports your present and encourages your future. Appreciate the people who appreciate me. :)

Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and meet myself as a kid ! That time I'm full of stresless and hapiness. My life is also full of laughter ! Fine.Maybe I'm thinking too much !Lastly.LIFE=BICYCLE. If you don't want to fall, you must keep on moving =)

2011年3月17日 星期四

Steamboat and BBQ day ! =)

During CNY, I have attend my relative's house de steamboat party !
It's for all our big family to gathering together for celebrate CNY together in Nian Chu San.
I felt so warm when eat steamboat with their and all the food so yummy !
I perfer the tomyam favour one the most. All the ingredients were prepared and got beer also !
But I never drink beer before,thus I just drink the apple favour pop !
Pop is always my favourite drink during CNY =)
Now I'm in holiday mood but not much two days I will back to my school life and have to confront a mountain of homework again.
I every day also sleep in the midnight and so late only wake up.
So everyday I also skipped my breakfast and started eat lunch when I'm awake.
I wish I can start sleeping at 11pm then wake up early in the morning for jogging and do some housework. But I always failed to do it .
I'm not such a good girl, between I'm a lzy girl :(

Besides that, we decided to held a bbq party in Nian Chu Er because we think we so long time never open house already.
Thus we invited a lots of relatives for attend our party and prepared a lots of beer and red wine for served.
I'm so happy that my house full of laughter and hapiness.
We long time never held a big party like that !
It's so exhausted for us but we enjoy it ! =D
Sometimes I really felt so depressed. I also don't know why I feel like this.
I always think the world will end soon and I think we should do the things we like or we perfer to do.
Is this world really coming to its end ? Could this be true ?
I really can't accept is the world really end, I still got a lots of thing not yet do and many dream not yet achieve.
I wanna go to Australia to fither my studies. I wanana be a pharmacist. =(

CNY I everyday also gambling, no matter gambling with friends or relatives.
I enjoy gambling the most ! Just because one year only one time so I must gambling all the days and nights !
Haha.Do you guys realize? Recently facebook was very slow.
I can't even upload my photos but now better a bits jorr.
I finaly van upload my photo take on Tuesday.It was indeed a nice shopping day !
Happy and enjoy the time being with my family :D